Feels 2
Personal artwork

Director: Aloma Lafontana
Photographer: Andreu Romaní
Video: Roberto Martinez
Postproduction: Alejandra Andrés
Make-up artist: Clare Frank
Hair: Natalia Lanzas
Shoot in the Llibertat studios, Barcelona 2012.

Sedution: Peacock feathers and metal adorment.
Animal seduction arms worked on an human corporal articulation. The basic function of feathers in animals is the same as making up and fashion in humans.

Learn: Sponge gourd
Brain's cognitive and emotional functions embodied in a sponge, able of absorbing or squeezing out. This is the way in what learning acts: it impregnate us with invisible instruments
that can turn out of vital importance at any moment.  

Inhibit: Needles
Impassable opening. Just a suicidal courage can go beyond conflict.

Incite: Matches
Incendiary opening. Wish and prohibition intimately tied up. Just the blind excitation can go beyond fire.